Survey of Institutions responsible for inspecting polish fisheries in the Baltic Sea – REPORT [EN]

Radoslaw Brzezinski - Szczecin 2009

The purpose of this report is to present the results of activities performed by Federacja Zielonych GAJA (Green Federation Gaja) within the framework of the project “Survey of the fisheries inspection system with respect to cod, salmon and other socially and ecologically important species in the Baltic Sea” during the period between January and October 2008.
The report contains data obtained primarily from official sources (the Polish fisheries administration). It also includes the opinions of fishermen and ship operators, as well as scientific data. All this information has been summarized in the form of remarks, comments, conclusions and recommendations.
We hope that this report will broaden the public debate on issues concerning control of Polish and European fisheries and, most importantly, strengthen the efforts already underway to improve the sustainability of fishing in the Baltic Sea by supporting an effective fisheries inspection system and other measures. Only decisive steps toward a better management of fish resources can help stamp out illegal fishing practices.

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